Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paris hilton video. Great pics.

Paris hilton video. Cool picz...

paris hilton videoparis hilton videoparis hilton video
Funny / Link IRL incredible Paris Hilton video clip? Please Hook Me Up with every funny or shocking in any real-life video clips Paris Hilton? 1) Paris Hilton running out of petrol / gas in his Bentley [photographer went to help and came back with the gasoline for her and she chucks the change that gives] http / / .. . 2) The arrogant and shocking late-night attack on the fire-crotch on Lindsay Lohan .. with Paris encourage multi-billionaire Brandon Davis (the wealth inherited from his late father, who was an oil baron.) http / / ... 3) PH opinions about her incarceration. http / / / video / stevierya ... Theress Ive not seen where it is apparently 'caught on video that describes how a girl [hooligan] oath, broke, poor public schools b | tch from, like, Compton. All links to sources please clip of Paris? Im always amazed by the behavior of socialites privileged.
Sex video is here!

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